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World’s First Plastic Bottle Village in Panama

plastic-bottle-village-6Dealing with Global Warming requires all kinds of new thinking; thinking outside the box if you will. It’s about finding new ways to do things, sometimes using old technology in new ways, to confront an ever changing environment.
Tafline Laylin writes about the Worlds’ first Plastic Village

The first of an entire village of plastic bottle homes is being constructed on Isla Colón in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. By recycling plastic bottles for use as insulation in what will eventually be 120 houses, Plastic Bottle Village founder Robert Bezeau is helping to preserve the island’s luscious surroundings and diverting toxic materials from the landfill. But plastic offers other surprising benefits as well.

plastic-bottle-village-14Each home will comprise a steel cage full of recycled plastic bottles that are then covered in a concrete mix. While steel and concrete are not necessarily the most beneficial materials, the first two-bedroom home recycled a staggering 10,000 plastic bottles, offering significant environmental benefits – including interior temperatures that are 17 degrees Celsius cooler than outside. Consulting with local architects, the group designed three different models that have sufficient flex to be earthquake-resistant, though custom designs are also welcome.

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Author: Prescott Allen Hazeltine

Prescott grew up in the hills of western Massachusetts, and still feels most at home out in the wild. He went on to graduate from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with his undergraduate degree and has done post graduate studies at the University of Houston as well as the Gemological Institute in New York City. While hiking is a major passion, as is snowshoeing, he also love to read, research and learn, and can just as easily get lost in internet information as he can photographing the wilderness.

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