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Where are you right now? The 5 Stages of Hot Climate Action

Using Comic Characters to Make Sense of the World 

Elizabeth Jeremiah

Elizabeth Jeremiah

I am thrilled to present a new Climate Stew video. Although Elizabeth Jeremiah has been beating down my door with a new video, I persuaded her to wait another week since her last video about Jesus and the Curious Case of Global Warming.

With the launch of the new Citizens’ Climate Radio show, I decided to write a new monologue. As a character actor, I have collected a gaggle of characters who help me to better understand myself and the world around me. I need them right now as I have been going through many rapid changes. And it is all because of Global Warming.

Climate is changing all of us

IMG_2116I thought about the past four years from the moment I first became alarmed about climate change to this moment when I am connected to thousands of people seeking solutions. That I feel hope right now is a testimony to the individuals and organizations who have helped to see that there are ways forward.

Through these comic characters, I want to share with you The Five Stages of Hot Climate Action. And I wonder if you can relate to them. Which one represents where you are right now? What would you add or change.

Five Stages of Hot Climate Action

  1. F r e a k   O u t  Stage: This is when the penny dropped and I suddenly realized just how serious climate change is. This is the Freak Out stage. Strange but my freak out voice sounds a lot like my father.
  2. Toying with Denial Stage: After freaking out for a while the pendulum swung a little to the other side as I toyed with denial. And in my head this is what denial sounded like.
  3. I joined over 800 people who spoke with US lawmakers about climate solutions

    This month I joined over 800 people who spoke with US lawmakers about climate solutions.

    The Personal Purge Stage: But I could not drive away reality, so the guilt and shame kicked in when I realized that I was part of the problem. In response I attempted to purge my life of all greenhouse gases.

  4. The Despair Stage: Then it happened. The despair descended upon me. I realized that my individual efforts were pathetic in light of the size of the problem.
  5. The Hope and Engagement Stage: But then something happened. I met likeminded people seeking solutions. And I found hope. And even after a Brexit  my hopeful voice sounds British.

I will let my characters describe it all for you. See if you can recognize any of them, and let me know about your stages of hot climate action.

In Five Characters we present The Five Stages of Hot Climate Action


Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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