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When Climate Change Affects Our Health

Seriously, most people do not care to hear about climate change

Many people assume climate change is either an environmental issue or a scientific one. Since most people on the planet are neither environmentalists or scientists, they typically switch off when they hear one of us prattle on about the risks of a rapidly warming planet.

In response to what we see as apathy, some of us can get downright desperate employing fear and shame tactics to rattle people awake and into action. While it may momentarily jar someone, this strategy rarely brings about a meaningful or lasting response.

But what do people want to hear about?

Dr. Clair Herrick

Dr. Claire Herrick

While loads of people seriously could care less about nature and the earth, they do care about their health and the health of their family. Therefore, it is important to be literate in talking about climate change as a health issue. And there are many health issues associated with the climate crisis.

Joining us this week on the Climate Stew podcast is Dr. Claire Herrick, a pediatrician from Flagstaff, Arizona. She outlines the many, and there are many, health problems we have already begun to see with in a warmer world. She also points out trouble ahead that we need to consider for ourselves and our families.

Behold Episode 46 of Climate Stew just for you

In addition to the excellent information about health and climate, we also look at the environmental justice issue of pollution and asthma. Yale Climate Connections reveals a powerful story of a community in Chicago who took on power plants in the neighborhood. The pollution from these caused a host of health problems, including asthma.

Our own Marvin Bloom, also talks about asthma and pollution. He raises the disturbing point that pollution and asthma does not affect everyone in America equally. Just like most issues here, there is discrimination and inequity based on race.

We hope you enjoy this informative and lively episode of Climate Stew.

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Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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