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What YOU Can Do Monday June 22 to Address the Climate Crisis

On Tuesday and Wednesday June 23 and 24 I will be in Washington, DC with my husband Glen and over 900 people concerned about climate change. We go with a message of hope AND a practical plan for lawmakers in addressing our pollution crisis. I will be in the offices of lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats, building on the relationships we have been building for three years. The media insists that congress is immovable, especially on climate change. I have been pleasantly surprised, even shocked, at how behind closed doors, lawmakers share their concerns and readily admit the challenges they face in raising the alarm about climate change. There is a growing undercurrent that gives me hope.

Join me in speaking up about climate change

Join me in speaking up about climate change

Congress responds to citizens mobilizing. They hear their constitutes calling for action. This empowers them to act. I am not naive about this; I realize that it is an uphill battle. Still I see we are chipping away, and in just a few years the consistent work of Citizens Climate Lobby folks has shifted the conversation to a serious consideration of a carbon tax with 100% of the revenue returns to households. Both Conservative and Liberal lawmakers have told me that the idea sounds practical, moderate, and effective. (check out our short video below)

I need YOUR HELP. No not money. If you live in the USA, I simply need you to call your member of congress on Monday June 22 and say you want to see climate action out of Washington. It will mean so much to me if you do this. Please let me know that you acted. Thanks!

Call, tweet, and email: Check out sample call and tweet ideas.

Find your Senator’s contact information.

Find your Representative’s contact information.

Connect via the US Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121.


CCL call for action

Want to know more about how to talk about climate change? Take a listen as I share three easy steps that have worked in opening up a conversation.

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Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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