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We Want YOU! Write for Climate Stew

Save the Coffee Bean

Save the Coffee Bean, original art for Climate Stew by Adri Norris

Here at Climate Stew we offer hope and solutions. We also take oddball approaches to climate change looking at it as it intersects with human rights, justice, faith, and LGBTQ issues.

Our team works on the Climate Stew Show, our podcast, and writes blog posts. If you have read some of our posts, you know we try to maintain a certain quirky friendly style and tone. Hopefully it is one that you like. We sure have lots of fun together.

Maybe you like it so much that you have been thinking, Hmmm, I’d love to do something for Climate Stew.

As editor in chief, I am interested in your ideas for stories for our podcast and blog. I also am very willing to look at your writing submissions for the blog.

Perhaps you have a personal story to share, a review of a book, podcast, website, or film. Maybe you have art you want to share with us. You may have a creative way of communicating climate change or making a connection with something that seems to have NOTHING to do with climate change (we love that.)

Here are some guidelines for blog pieces

  • Rev Dr Leah Schade in Biblical drag

    Rev Dr Leah Schade in Climate Change Bible drag

    Write with personality. Tone and voice is very important. We aim to be friendly and even funny

  • Seek to appeal to a bi-partisan audience. Avoid language and references that are overtly liberal or conservative. We want the site to be a somewhat neutral space when it comes to politics. We recognize that we will need all parties involved in solutions. (when in doubt, avoid politics)
  • Be personal: People want to hear your story, to know your feelings, and to connect with a person and not just a bag of ideas.
  •  Be justice minded: When we do get political, it often has to do with racism and environmental justice.
  • Consider intersections—Climate change is not simply an environmental or scientific issue; it is about food and sports and religion and LGBTQ issues and Black Lives Matter and more
  • Steer away from an environmentalist approach to climate change. Many people who come to our site are not environmentalists. They are not disinterested in environmental issues, but their identity lies elsewhere. There are lots of great sites that look at climate change as an environmental issue; we are trying to do something different here.
  • No fear, shame, or despair—we do not want to frighten people; we want to motivate them.
  • Insert lots of hope when you can and provide people with solutions.
Marin and Adri, on assignment in Peru

Marin and Adri, on assignment in Peru

Climate Stew crew member Lori Hayes Kershner (and infant Soren)

Climate Stew crew member Lori Hayes Kershner (and infant Soren–who was interviewed for Ep. 9 Interview with a Baby)


Here are some samples that might help you

So whaddya think? I can’t promise you that I will post your submission or idea, but I take each one seriously and will read and respond. Click on contact form. Also, become a member of our Climate Stew Facebook group. This is where people share links and ideas for the podcast and site.


Connect with me through our contact form 

Climate Stew host, Peterson Toscano

Climate Stew editor, Peterson Toscano.

Let me know your ideas for the site and how you wish to contribute. Write for the blog or the podcast. 


Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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