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Good News, Alarming News, and Action Steps

Every week Prescott Allan Hazleton sends me dozens of links about climate change and climate action. It can be some pretty sobering stuff. Fortunately he also sends me good news. Below are just three stories. Check out the action steps to see what you can do to engage in climate action.

Good News
Solar Village: First Community To Produce 4x More Energy Than Used

Alarming News
6 Striking Aerial Images Show How Deforestation Has Altered the Earth

Encouraging News



How Reducing Food Waste Could Ease Climate Change
Producing the food we throw away generates more greenhouse gases than most entire countries do.

Action Step

One thing we can do on an individual basis is to reduce food wastes. If businesses does this along with most households, it can have a significant impact. But many of us realize that our individual actions are not nearly enough to take on climate change. Personally I find a great deal of hope in the proposal set forth by the Citizens Climate Lobby–put a fee on fossil fuels and give the money back to households. It is such an elegant solution, one that is gain traction. Take a look at this short video below. Click here to find out more about Citizens Climate Change.