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The Rising Popularity of the Climate Stew Show

IMG_0300Doing a podcast is weird. Well, it is for me, someone who is used to performing live theater with the audience right in front of me smiling, laughing, clapping, or getting annoyed and stomping out (ok that actually never happened yet.) But with the podcast I sit in the studio with just a mic and some audio files. I produce a show, send it out, and… Yeah, that is what is hard to know. What happens next?

Turns out what happens is that people are listening. Reports are coming in from people who are listening and enjoying the show. According to the statistics on the show, the number of listeners is steadily increasing. And I am thrilled to announce that we got a mention in an article that lists worthy podcasts.

Listed alongside NPR Environment and PRI Living On Earth, Liz Stafford in an article in the Dalton, GA Daily Citizen includes Climate Stew. Her piece is Informative Eco-Friendly Podcasts for you Playlist is part of her series Recycle & Reuse. Here are some of the shows she lists:

• “Green is Good”: Hosted by Electronic Recycler International’s John Shegerian, this podcast specializes in interviews with the people that are actively doing the work in the green and sustainability industry. Topics can range from going green, green-collar jobs, recycling and reusing to entrepreneurship in the green space. New episodes are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and last about 15 to 20 minutes.

• “Environment – NPR”: Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution and endangered species is brought to you several times a week in a short three-minute episode. Each podcast, focused on one story at a time, is the same segment played on the air by National Public Radio. Interviews are accompanied by ambient sounds from locations relevant to the story, giving each segment a perspective that other shows can’t match.

• “PRI – Living on Earth”: This weekly news and information program from Public Radio International provides a focus on the world’s changing environment, ecology and human health. Each episode is 50 minutes and includes news about climate change, environmental quality and more.

• “Climate Stew”: Host Peterson Toscano takes a series look at global warming but doesn’t try to scare the listener in the process. Each show comes out every two weeks and lasts about 20 minutes. “Climate Stew” includes interviews, latest news and analysis related to the issue of climate change.

• “Earth Eats – Real Food, Green Living”: This short delightful show focuses on real food and green living by providing news, interviews and even recipes from chef Daniel Orr. Each podcast episode is about 30 minutes and it comes out weekly. If local organic and sustainable food is important to you, then these podcasts will be especially useful.

Climate_Stew_Logo_HorizLGI am so excited about 2016 and the interviews I already have ready to go and the topics I have planned. I am open to hear what you would like on the show and if you have connections with people who you think would be good additions to the interviews I do. Also, feel free to send me any articles, links, story ideas.

And thank you for the encouraging words. Just today, after I told her how lonely it can be producing a podcast, one of my newer listeners, Jen, wrote me an encouraging email.

I guess it doesn’t sound like it would be lonely because of the interviews you do and the new Yale connection, plus the characters sound so real when you talk to them. It sounds like a connected community in each podcast, like something I am part of too just by listening. The first time I ever listened I thought for a bit that Marvin was real!

Doing comedy helps. I may get lonely sometimes, but I never get bored!

Thanks to all the folks who have been promoting the show on Facebook, Twitter, through emails and whatever ways to let people know about it. Also, check out our Climate Stew special member Facebook Group. Oh and we have a NEW Twitter account. Follow Climate Stew on Twitter.

You can hear Climate Stew on Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud,  iTunes, and TuneIn Radio. It would mean so much to me if you rate and review the show on whatever platform you use.

And we are also now listed on Spreaker:

And from our back catalog, here is a Climate Stew classic:


Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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