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The NEW Citizens Climate Radio show!

Hot New Climate Communication

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the new Citizens Climate Radio. If you liked the Climate Stew Show, you will LOVE this new podcast. I learned so much creating 50 episodes of Climate Stew. Now with technical assistance and a wonderful studio where I conducted 30 interviews, I have been able to bring it up a couple of notches.

As Joe G predicted in Ep 50 of Climate Stew, this show is even better than Climate Stew–technically for sure. I am so happy with the content too. By working with Citizens Climate Education, I have access to smart, creative, and intriguing people. I have conducted interviews with all sorts of people concerned about global warming–Conservatives, Evangelicals, Environmental Justice Advocates, and lots of ordinary citizens doing the extraordinary.

A Moving Conversation


Marshall Saunders, founder Citizens Climate Lobby


Mark Reynolds, executive director Citizens Climate Lobby

In the first episode of Citizens Climate Radio (Title: Beginnings and Transformations) I interview  two former businessmen who went through a huge personal and interpersonal changes. They are now tender-hearted, climate advocates.

I actually cried both during the interviews and while editing. Hear how Marshall Saunders, a Texan-raised entrepreneur, lived for a long time feeling separated and superior.  I love his vulnerability.

Using Creativity to Talk about Climate 

I also have a section of the show called The Art House. This is a space for presenting creative ways of talking about climate change. This month I present a brand new monologue with five of my zany characters. Through The Five Stages of Hot Climate Action, I talk about my own transformation from being FREAKED OUT about global warming to the place of engagement and hope.

See if you can identify the various characters. I couldn’t help it! I had to bring them on board.

Listener Contributions Encouraged

CCE-Logo smallIn debriefing about the Climate Stew Show, my husband, Glen Retief, suggested that in the new show I might try and get listeners more involved. I love that idea, but getting people to contribute can be challenging. But then I thought about those NPR programs that have listeners write in or call in to respond to a puzzler, like when Will Shortz, the Puzzle Master presents a mind teaser.

So I will present a Citizens Climate Puzzler. Listeners will get to share their ideas about how to respond to a particular dilemma around climate advocacy. This month we are at a party and run into Claire. She is also concerned about climate change, but she believes there are bigger fish to fry. How might you respond?

You can join a discussion about the show over at our new Citizens Climate Radio Facebook Group.

Have a listen to Episode One: Beginnings and Transformations

Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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