Don’t Despair — Here are 4 things you can do!

A millennial weighs in on climate change

My brother and me on top of the world

My brother and me on top of the world

On Tuesday night, I interviewed one of the people I admire most in this world: my brother, Leif. An insanely busy and passionate millennial with a full time job who works out everyday and is “plotting world domination through some kickass startup that will vault [him] into the health and wellness field and make [him] 30-ish million dollars.” He’s driven.

The intention of the interview was to portray how climate awareness affects people, specifically young people, and the level of action they’re willing to take. The recently released documentary Before the Flood – found on YouTube – induced this long overdue conversation with my brother. I highly recommend it. Leonardo DiCaprio cannot do film wrong.

Yeah, but what on earth could I possible do???

I went into the interview expecting a turnaround story about how watching the film inspired him to become part of carbon pricing campaigns and devote more of his time towards promoting climate action. That’s the hopeful environmentalist in me. But I was greeted instead by the busy reality of already hardworking people.

“For me, I’d have to be able to do it from my house,” Leif said in response to what would get him involved in a campaign. “I can’t go anywhere. That’s a waste of time. So I’d have to be at my house and do it on my computer, and I really need it to be spoon fed to me. And compensation would be preferable.” Good one.

“If there’s something I could do for five minutes a day, from my computer, I’d do it.”

Well, Leif, there is.  

Some Action YOU can do!

Join me and the national carbon pricing campaign Put A Price On It by executing the following action items for this week:

onit1.Take a photo to show you are #OnIt

People across the globe are now showing their support for carbon pricing by taking a photo using our #OnIt format. You should do the same and email it back to It is a great way to share your story and be featured on our social media! Here is an example:

2. Write a letter to your Congressional Office

We are gaining momentum across the country and in Washington D.C. To be a part of it, you should write a letter to your Congressional office introducing our campaign and why you are a part of it. Here is an example letter. 

3. Host a Years of Living Dangerously watch party!

The world premiere of Years of Living Dangerously (the carbon pricing episode) is November 30th on National Geographic!! Please let me know if you want to host a watch party either on that date or after and we can help you. Here is an easy guide to get you started.

4. Calculate your carbon footprint and voluntarily pay a carbon tax! Check it out here!

img_3772Of course the first one is the easiest and most recommended for busy beavers, but the others, though they take a little longer, are extremely helpful. The goal is to broadcast this campaign as much as possible, and the instruments are right at your fingertips. #PutAPriceOnIt

And please, have hope

Although the new US President is not in favor of climate action nor renewables, the time is still now. We cannot wait for the “ideal”political climate as we certainly don’t have the luxury of time. Besides, the power is and always has been in the people. It’s in the best interest of elected officials that they represent their constituents for their own job security and reputation. So if you get enough people and support and passion together in one massive, strong movement, you can do anything.

So let’s carry on, play hard with the hand dealt, and get #OnIt.

Have a great week and don’t be trashy.