Historic Energy Changes in India

Just like in parts of South Africa, where communities that never had access to landlines are able to leapfrog over that technology with the advent of mobile phones, rural villages in India are now experiencing electricity for the first time thanks to cheaper solar panels and a government push.

Travis Hoium writing for The Motley Fool reports, “India is making a massive commitment to the solar industry and it may be poised to have the world’s largest solar power plant with plans for a 750 MW project… For some perspective, that’s enough solar energy to power the equivalent of 4.1 million U.S. homes.”

At a press conference during President Obama’s recent trip to India, Prime Minister Nerenda Modi signaled a significant shift in India’s attitude towards climate change and reducing emissions. He said “For President Obama and me, clean and renewable energy is a personal and national priority. We discussed our ambitious national efforts and goals to increase the use of clean and renewable energy.”

India is one of the biggest polluters behind the US and China, which recently agreed to reducing emissions. India joins a growing club of countries that is working outside of the United Nations climate treaty process to act on carbon pollution and its affects. It is hoped that these smaller clubs of nations can make big steps that will help jumpstart a great transition from dirty to clean energy.

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Photo credit Econews.com India Wants Renewable without subsidy, more solar