California’s Redwood Forests — Too Big to Fail? Sadly No

This week on Climate Stew, special correspondent Tony Buffusio, a lover of Redwood trees, reports on the state of these giant trees. Turns out heat and drought are taking their toll.

Writing for the Independent, Tom Bawden says, “California’s iconic big trees are dying at an alarming rate, according to new research which finds that more than half of the state’s redwoods, Ponderosa pines and other woodland giants have perished in less than a century.”

What are you talking about Tom? Perished? That’s a serious word. These are huge trees we’re talking about, some have been around for over 2000 years, what could be killing something so big? Turns out the culprit may just be climate change. I’m starting to hate climate change as much as I hate cancer. The heat and droughts over the past 90 years have taken a toll on the trees. Big trees can’t handle the heat and water shortages as well as the smaller ones. It’s like my Uncle Tony’s Great Dane, what a big dog, but it is half dead in the summer heat. Unlike my mother’s Chihuahua which is indestructible.


You can hear the full report on this week’s episode of Climate Stew. Links to this story below.

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