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New solar roof tiles for homes — pretty damn sweet


Elon Musk and his new solar roof tile

More thinking outside the box, this time from Elon Musk. His new solar roof tiles help maintain the visual integrity of a dwelling (no bulky and unattractive after-market roof installations) while at the same time generating energy. Darrell Etherington (@etherington), Greg Kumparak (@grg) write about it in TechCrunch and provide photos of the solar panels you would never know were there.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk wasn’t kidding when he said that the new Tesla solar roof product was better looking than an ordinary roof: the roofing replacement with solar energy gathering powers does indeed look great. It’s a far cry from the obvious and somewhat weird aftermarket panels you see applied to roofs after the fact today.

The solar roofing comes in four distinct styles that Tesla presented at the event, including “Textured Glass Tile,” “Slate Glass Tile,” “Tuscan Glass Tile, and “Smooth Glass Tile.” Each of these achieves a different aesthetic look, but all resembled fairly closely a current roofing material style. Each is also transparent to solar, but appears opaque when viewed from an angle.

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These are Tesla’s new solar roof tiles for homes


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