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Riot Games Batch of Skins: LoL World Championship Skins

Every year, Riot Games cooks up a special batch of skins to celebrate the winners of the League of Legends World Championship. These skins are not just a pretty coat for champions; they’re a mark of victory, earned by those who leave their mark on the Worlds stage.

Riot Games Batch of Skins: What Makes a Skin Worthy?

To score one of these commemorative skins, players have to show their skills. It’s not just about playing; it’s about making an impact. If you participated in crucial play-in or group stage games that pushed your team forward, or if you threw down in at least one knockout stage game, you’re in the running. But there’s a catch – you’ve got to show off your champion skills during Worlds.

Riot Games Batch of Skins: The Limited-Time Offer

Once the skins hit the virtual shelves, fans can snag them for a limited time. But don’t worry if you missed out – during Worlds, previous years’ skins make a comeback. It’s like a fashion show for champions!

The Countdown Begins: Ranking the Skins

Now, let’s dive into the showdown of the skins. We’ve looked back over 12 years of Worlds, examining each skin’s style, graphics, animations, and creativity to bring you the ultimate ranking.

  1. Samsung Galaxy (2017): A Cosmic Contender

In fifth place, we have Samsung Galaxy’s 2017 skin. It’s a cosmic marvel, but in the tough competition of Worlds skins, it lands here. Still, the celestial vibes make it a favorite for stargazers.

  1. Edward Gaming (2021): Glitz and Glam

In fourth place, we find Edward Gaming’s 2021 skin. A touch of glitz and glam, but it just falls short of the podium. However, the intricate details make it a fashionable addition to any champion’s wardrobe.

  1. DAMWON Gaming (2020): Unleashing the Storm

Snagging the bronze is DAMWON Gaming’s 2020 skin. With the power of a storm, this skin storms into third place. It’s a fierce choice for champions who want to unleash their inner tempest.

  1. DRX (2022): A New Challenger

In the runner-up position, we have DRX’s 2022 skin. A fresh face on the scene, it almost claims the top spot. The modern vibes and slick design make it a serious contender for the best Worlds skin.

  1. SK Telecom T1 (2016): The Legendary Champion

And taking the crown is SK Telecom T1’s 2016 skin. The OG, the classic, the legendary champion. This skin stands the test of time, securing the number one spot. It’s a timeless masterpiece that showcases the pinnacle of Worlds skin excellence.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Style

Whether you’re into cosmic wonders, glitzy glam, stormy showdowns, modern vibes, or timeless classics, the League of Legends World Championship skins have it all. Each year, these skins tell a story of victory, creativity, and the ever-evolving style of the Worlds stage. Grab your favorite SLOT DEPO 10K while you can, and join the legacy of champions!