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Jen O’Brien. Hartford, CT

Dr. Jennifer O’Brien teaches Environmental Science at the Watkinson School in Hartford, CT and curates the blog Ms. OB’s Classroom and has a science Instagram account. Passionate about teaching, she brings a deeper understanding of the environment to her students through project-based learning and the use of technology. She studied tree frogs in Puerto Rico and is one of the scientists Peterson consults for the Climate Stew podcast.

Jennifer is also a mass consumer of pop culture. Ask her about climate change and cocktails.

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Jen’s Climate Quotes,

In the end

We will conserve only what we love,

We will love only what we understand,

We will understand only what we are taught.
Baba Dioum, Senegalese Conservationist


We will never end poverty if we don’t tackle climate change. It is one of the single biggest challenges to social justice today.
-World Bank President Jim Yong Kim


And now for something silly

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