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Andrea Mclearen

Andrea Mclaren


I am a wife and mother. I love spending time outdoors walking, cycling, swimming (in the ocean!), and playing with family and friends. I find being in the nature is a grounding force in my life. I am fortunate to live what I consider a privileged life, as millions on this planet, as you know, don’t even have their basic needs met day to day. I believe it is my duty to do my part to protect the planet and its inhabitants, such as you. Although I sometimes feel overwhelmed and ill equipped for this task, I keep going and I challenge you at whatever stage of climate change awareness you are at to keep learning – to dream of solutions – to move forward with love and most importantly to be part of the systemic and consciousness change that needs to continue to take place. We all need you – down to the the .25 donation to the cause you believe in, to joining walks to save the planet, to the dinner table discussion leading to action.


Flipping Like Fish

A Poem by Andrea McLaren

So we flip like a fish on a deck – we don’t seemingly know what to do.
But if anything doesn’t happen soon we will be done.
Our inaction will build on the kind of contempt that we watch erupting on every corner of the earth.
We will be like predators on ourselves,
Stuck in a blame game of shame that will devour our human-ness – our souls.
Stuck in egocentric ways just to cover the shame pain.
Ways that devour our earth – our neighbours.

The way out is no surprise, a tale come full circle.
With the very people “we” have oppressed our saviours.
A return to our creator – our nature – our basic comforts – our authentic story found,
Not over-indulgent creature comforts.
An end to us and I – to egocentricity.
People on all sides of other-ing have lost their way.
Return to roots with new understanding and forgiveness – to story that connects us.

This extreme earth like the building fire in youth
The rage of the oppressed, the stagnation of alienation of people from all walks of life.
How long can we look into the faces of the dying and climate and system oppressed and do nil-nada-nothing.
This is no TV show WE have to make our happy ending.
It’s in our power.
My fingers scream at the keys – words not for the unchanging soul.
It is time for systemic change, and it starts with WE.
There is hope in change.
Share your story of love of nature – your dream.
Throw down that negative addiction.
Flip quickly into the cool bottomless water of life.

Links that help me understand Climate Change & the World Around Me