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Episode Eight–A Denier Comes Out and Tornados Swarm

Climate Stew
Climate Stew
Episode Eight--A Denier Comes Out and Tornados Swarm

Episode Eight has Climate Change activist, Marvin Bloom, explaining why he is a cholesterol denier; it all sounds so familiar. We also learn about some climate change winners–species that will thrive on a warmer planet; it’s not all good news. Speaking of news, we look at a new disturbing trend among tornados; misery loves company.  Listen here or on  iTunes, and Stitcher. Please rate and review. Comments are always welcome.





Intro: Hello I am Peterson Toscano and you have arrived safely at Episode Eight of Climate Stew, the global warming podcast that is not afraid to be funny. We also like looking at metaphors. Marvin Bloom may not be fully aware of it, but in our main section this episode you will see that he provides us with the perfect comparison to people who deny that CO2 leads to a warmer atmosphere. Also, In That Day in Climate History Timothy Meadows reveals some global warming winners—species that will thrive. But first the news.

News: In times of natural disasters communities often come together and find strength in numbers. Turns out people are not the only ones joining forces as the planet warms. Tornados, traditionally solo extreme weather artists, have increasingly begun to swarm in groups.


Tornado Swarm

In comparing data over the past 60 years, a recent study published in the Journal Science reveals the annual number of tornados has pretty much remained the same but oddly there were less days with tornado activity. More and more when a tornado strikes, it often does so with a group of other tornados. It seems like the tornados are organizing and ganging up on us.

Will Dunham writing about the study explains “On the list of the 10 single days with the most tornados since 1954, eight have occurred since 1999, including five since 2011. That year alone had days with 115, 73, 53, and 52 twisters.”

While the jury is still out about how much of this growing swarming tornado trend has to do with climate change, meteorologist Patrick Marsh of NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center said, “Knowing that the climate now has changed from that of the 1970s makes for a circumstantial argument in favor of a changing climate playing at least some role in the tornado changes.”

Sounds like it’s time for humans to organize and gang up on global warming with clear, effective steps to reduce our fossil fuel emissions.

Main Section:

Hi this is Marvin, Marvin Bloom. Lots of people like to make fun of deniers, climate deniers. I know it seems ridiculous that with all the science out there that people still kick and scream and carry on denying global warming. It’s like saying cigarette smoking doesn’t cancer then reaching for the next pack of Camels. But these climate skeptics may also be smack dab in the beginning of an intense grief cycle over the reality of a sick and abused planet changing right under their feet.

The only known photo of Marvin Bloom

The only known photo of Marvin Bloom

I admit it, I have a soft spot for climate deniers. Although I am alarmed about global warming, I somehow feel I can relate.

I recently revealed to the world that I am a cholesterol denier. Yeah, I don’t believe cholesterol problems exist–it’s some sort of fabricated medical issue created by the grant-hungry American Heart Association and those Quaker Oats people. But I want to be reasonable, so I did some research into cholesterol to get my facts straight.

First thing I learned is that our bodies actually need cholesterol, a certain amount at least. In fact, our bodies even produce cholesterol. So what’s the big deal?

I decided to visit website for the US CDC—the Centers for Disease Creation—I mean, Control. If you go to their cholesterol fact sheet, they immediately try to scare the crap out of you. First they say that having high cholesterol puts you at risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in the US. Ok, see what they did? They almost made it sound like cholesterol is the leading cause of death while in reality it might just lead you to that cause of death. Sneaky.

Even from how they describe cholesterol, you can see they are biased against it—“Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance.” They make it sound so disgusting.

They go on to further warn us of even more health risks. They then list off the difficult, expensive, and exhausting things we must do to keep our cholesterol from reaching toxic levels: They insist we must exercise, eat a heart-healthy diet, and avoid smoking. It’s a direct attack against the American Lifestyle. It’s like they want us to be like the French without all the attitude and cigarettes.

And how do even you know if you got high cholesterol, since they admit there are no symptoms? You have no way of diagnosing yourself.  They demand that you go to your doctor for a “simple test,” not just once but every five years. Yeah doctors who are in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry and of course want you to keep coming back for more and more invasive treatments. So they basically want us to trust doctors like they are some sort of scientists.

I just find it hard to believe that there is something I can put in my own body that will kill me. Well poison of course, but hash browns? doughnuts? cheeseburgers? Our ancestors thrived on this diet. I still have reasonable doubt about cholesterol causing heart disease, it’s all just genetics that decides this stuff anyway. Nothing I can do about it. Of course my partner, Tristian, well, he says that doubting the reality of cholesterol as a health risk is like doubting the fact that carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere leading to global warming. He knows I’m concerned about climate change, and he’s just trying to be clever, but that’s another story.

That Day in Climate History

I am Timothy Meadows, It is Saturday November 3rd, 2164 and time for “That Day in Climate History.”

While we have lost many animal and plant species over the past 150 years, a warmer planet has also led to the rapid growth of other species that have thrived.

A small bird known as the long-tailed tit often struggled to raise its delicate young in the colder, wetter climate of the early 21st Century. Warmer, drier springs have kept the young alive.

Zebrafish have also adapted well to extreme temperatures even if it meant they have moved farther and farther north and south to escape the hottest waters.

Two pests also have experienced an explosion of growth: The Asian tiger mosquito now inhabits most of North America and Europe bringing diseases like West Nile virus and Dengue Fever resulting in devastating outbreaks particularly during the flooding seasons from years 2086 to 2092.

The Pine Beetle has also expanded its territory and destroyed millions of trees in North America and Russia, trees that we have desperately needed to serve as a means of absorbing and processing carbon dioxide.

Pine Beetle Damage

Pine Beetle Damage

While we have seen a dramatic decrease in the once vast numbers of monarch butterflies, the brown argus butterfly has faired well because of its ability to expand its range and to rely on multiple plant species where they can lay their eggs.

Finally, because of changes in wind patterns over the Southern Ocean, the albatross can now fly faster and is bigger than ever because of the extra time it has to forage for food.

Albatros from

Albatros (credit Animals Adda website)

Fortunately the numbers of humans on our once overcrowded  planet have decreased significantly. This was in large part because of the many efforts at educating women in the global South starting in the year 2026 along with the increased access to safe, effective, and affordable contraception.

On this day in 2164, we remember That Day in Climate History

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I am so glad we could spend this time together. Thank you for listening to Climate Stew Podcast. I could use help as we continue to spread the word about this podcast and our quirky, off-beat, and we hope helpful approach towards global warming. Please also feel free to visit our Facebook Group and leave messages at Climate Stew dot com. See Marvin Bloom, Timothy Meadows, and me on stage this week and next in the Pacific NorthWest visit Climate Stew dot com to find the schedule under the About Menu. Special thanks to Jennifer O’Brien, Marvin Bloom, oh, and Joe G, who I’ve heard rumors is developing a one-person show about being a Climate Denier denier.

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