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Mountains, Islands, and Music — Ep 8 Citizens Climate Radio

New Year and more New Stuff!

Cuba is filled with old cars and great fonts

Happy New Years folks. I know it has been quiet here at Climate Stew. Elke Arnesen headed north to Iceland for some winter camping while I headed south to Cuba for mojitos (well and I interviewed a bunch of people for a future Spanish language podcast episode.)

We are back. Look out for more posts from Elke, Prescott, and me. We are also looking for more contributors who want to share creative, insightful, and honest pieces about climate change and our roles on this new planet.

Podcasting Joy

Aryan Uprety

One of the genuine joys of my life this day comes from producing and hosting Citizens’ Climate Radio. I really enjoy the technical side of things–editing, playing around with music for the segments, getting the timing just right–but I also very much enjoy connecting with the many guests we have on the show.

The program features many women, something you do not hear in most climate-themed podcast. I also seek voices from outside of the USA. We have had guests who come from Nigeria, Chile, China, Australia, and even exotic places like Canada.

Meet Ayran Uprety, Chris Balos, and Ashley Mazanec

Chris Balos (center front) with fellow CCL volunteer lobbyists

In the latest program I introduce listeners to two young men from very different cultures and climate. Aryan Uprety is from Katmandu, Nepal and Chris Balos, is originally from the Marshall Islands and now lives in the USA. Both men are passionate about addressing climate change. They speak about how global warming is affecting their home countries. But they are not one issue guys; various issues move them to action. In fact, it is their ability to pursue answers to intersecting problems that make them successful in their climate advocacy.

We also have some really great music this episode thanks to singer/songwriter Ashley Mazanec. She shares with us tracks from her latest album, Let’s Talk about the Weather, and reveals the motivation behind the music.

Ashley Mazanec

Hot Climate Action for your Ears

As often happens, the messages from the various guests and even from the puzzler question, come together to create an overall theme. In this case, it is the theme of feeling passion about interconnected issues. My guests are concerned about climate change but also about immigration, women’s right, healthcare, and jobs.

Have a listen to Episode Eight of Citizens’ Climate Radio. Look for Citizens’ Climate Lobby on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and PodBean, or click on the player below.


Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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