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Laughter is so important to address the world’s problems

I am so cold I am blurry! Taking in Iceland this winter.

Serious Topic? Try some humor!

I will forever advocate that laughter is a solution to the world’s problems.

We live in interesting times, no denying it. And many of us feel inadequate in comparison to the many miscommunications and corrupt decisions and mile-high walls people make. Discussing climate change, in particular, can really bring a girl down.

But throughout my internship, my mentor, Peterson Toscano, advocates for storytelling and humor as a method of breaking those communication barriers and having more honest conversations.

Science Proves: Laughter is Essential Medicine for Communicators

My partner in Iceland adventures

And guess what? His thoughts are backed up by science! According to the article Humor Theories and the Physiological Benefits of Laughter written by Julia Wilkins, 

…laughter evolved as a protective shield, not as a coping mechanism for people’s own misfortune, but because humans needed to have empathy for others in order for the human race to survive.

Comedy can facilitate empathy while it also physically relaxes the body and the mind so that the people you are talking to can actually hear what you are saying. This is essential when talking about topics that typically stir up fear and shame.

Read the paper here and turn on the Seinfeld, folks! Also, enjoy the Iceland photos as good examples of using laughter in tough situations.

Have a great week and don’t be trashy.


Author: Elke Arnesen

Elke Arnesen is an 18-year-old gap year student interning with Peterson Toscano. She's planning on studying environmental policy in college next year but for now is gaining support for carbon pricing in her free time.

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  1. Karen on February 13, 2017 at 11:34 am

    Hey, Elke! You’re doing such a good job! ❤