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Imagining a Better Future

IMG_1687As someone who reads a lot about climate change, it can get downright depressing. If the science wasn’t bad enough, we have dysfunctional leaders. The vast majority of lawmakers can’t even agree to change the name of a post office let along pass legislation to address the climate crisis. Those of us doing climate work need each other to keep from growing weary and overwhelmed. And we need to regularly stir up hope along with visions of a better future.

A regular segment of the Climate Stew Podcast is a broadcast from the future, 150 years into the future. From the year 2165 Timothy Meadows, with an other worldly voice, shares That Day in Climate History. A historian, Meadows looks back to our time, to us–the Climate Generation–to consider the many things, big and small, we did to rise to the occasion and address global warming.

These segments are based on research and current work that people are doing along with imaginings of what various groups of people might well do. I consider faith communities, LGBTQ, mothers, teenagers, and even pet owners. I weave in humor and even add a little ad from the year 2165 so that you can find out what future generations are consuming.

Here are some samples of That Day in Climate History. Perhaps they will help you see that a hopeful future is within our grasp.



Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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