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Global Warming Impacts Architecture and its Beautiful

As Global Warming becomes a more visible and pressing issue, many industries are taking notice and taking measures to adapt.  Green architectures becoming more and more visible and prevalent. Here is a consciously designed house in the Miami, Florida area that takes Global Warming into account with its design.

Oh, and it looks amazing too.


As the globe gets warmer, architects from all over the world might have to start taking cues fromthe architectural vernacular of hot regions. Studio Brillhart Architecture did just that with their breezy minimal pavilion-home, which takes inspiration from Tropical Modernism. Immersed in a lush Miami forest, the Brillhart Residence is lifted off the ground to avoid rising sea levels and has a full front facade shielded by wooden shutters to help control heat and provide privacy.

Breezy Brillhart Residence is designed to withstand global warming  by Ana Lisa for Inhabitat



Author: Prescott Allen Hazeltine

Prescott grew up in the hills of western Massachusetts, and still feels most at home out in the wild. He went on to graduate from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with his undergraduate degree and has done post graduate studies at the University of Houston as well as the Gemological Institute in New York City. While hiking is a major passion, as is snowshoeing, he also love to read, research and learn, and can just as easily get lost in internet information as he can photographing the wilderness.

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