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Earth Pride Day

In 2014 I came out as somebody concerned about global warming. I marched in the Peoples Climate March. It felt more like a parade than a marchto me. I saw strolled along with the colorful Queer’s for the climate. 

Three years later on the eve of another big climate march, this one in Washington DC, people are asking if I will take part in that event. I will not. Not that I’m opposed to it, but I will be traveling from the Midwest that day just as I traveled the same day as the women’s march in DC back in January.

I like the idea of people coming together, for joining together and taking a stand. There is a place for a March and a large public gathering. There are also many other creative and effective ways to communicate to the public and bring our concerns to people in power.

In taking on concerns for earthlings–human and non-human, we have many tools to use and many roles we can play. Some people like me are more introverted and contribute much more by creating a Podcast or writing an article or a letter. Some people are organizers who can help communities determine how they want to act. Some are rebels who engage in direct non-violent action. 

It reminds me of a passage in Paul’s writings in the Christian Scriptures. How we are many parts to the same body. Some are more visible and seem to be more important, while others are humble and often overlooked. But each part of the body is a essential. 

So March On! Or not. Be faithful to where you feel led to serve and how you feel led to serve. There is a lot of work from r all of us. 


Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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