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Drama, Snark, and Resolution–Ep 50 of Climate Stew

An End and a Beginning 

Climate_Stew_Logo_HorizLGAmazing. I just posted the 50th episode of the Climate Stew podcast. And it is the LAST episode. Nice to end on a significant round number (nothing against you 49 or 51). While I will continue to write blog posts and produced videos through Climate Stew (check out Elizabeth Jeremiah talking Jesus and greenhouse gases,) we end the podcast. I will move on to start Citizens Climate Radio airing June 27.

But we had a number of loose ends to wrap up. In Episode 50 we chat with Dr. Jen O’Brien, my go-to person for all things science education and pop culture updates. She is a brilliant high school teacher. I think you will learn a lot from her teaching experience and how it has changed through the years. Jen is a master communicator when it comes to climate change.

Meet Joe Gee at last!

Elizabeth Jeremiah

Elizabeth Jeremiah

I also interview the elusive and ever snarky Joe Gee, who I thanked at the end of every Climate Stew episode. He gives me lots of grief, but busting people’s chops is his love language.

Elizabeth Jeremiah and Marvin have a blowout argument, but whoa how it gets resolved will make your head spin. I then end the show with a Citizens Climate Puzzler–and give you a chance to respond!

Creating the podcast has been a labor of love but also an excellent way to learn about climate change and climate communication. I hope you enjoy this final episode of Climate Stew and that you follow me over at Citizens Climate Lobby. Just subscribe to Citizens Climate Lobby over on iTunes or find me at their blog. I will also cross-post here at Climate Stew.

Enjoy Episode 50 of Climate Stew: The Finale Extravaganza




Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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