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Climate Stew on WRUW in Cleveland, OH!

WRUW FM 91.1 out of Case Western Reserve University this week featured an interview with me and TWO episodes of Climate Stew on the Ears to the Ground program. I sound a little alien because to he Skype connection, but it comes through nice and clear. Special thanks to Jed Walsh for telling Ears to the Ground about the show. See what happens when you share Climate Stew!

Ears to the Ground is a public affairs show focused on environmental issues and activism hosted by two Case Western Reserve University undergraduate students Jason Walsh and Laura Hurst.

Photo on 1-21-15 at 6.55 PM #2

developing queer Quaker comic justice faith responses to climate change

Jason and Laura asked how I decided to use comedy and theater to address LGBTQ issues, religion, and climate change. We talk about being a Quaker and how that informs my work and view of the climate crisis. We explore environmental justice, intersectionality, and even what messages about global warming we can get from the Bible. Water rights and the Bible anyone? We look at women and climate change, the recycling myth, and much more. Big point: This is NOT simply an environmentalist issue. We need to wrestle the message away from environmentalists and create new narratives and use new lenses.

The hour-long program starts with the lively interview and then the episodes. You can listen here. Enjoy!


Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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