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Climate and the Art of Storytelling with author Aaron Thier

Tell a story and change the world

More and more climate communication experts tell us, “People do not need more data about climate in order to change them or  move them to action; they need to hear stories from the people they trust.”

Storytelling is a vital tool in the breaking the collective silence around climate change. Still novelists have struggled to create compelling and artful climate novels. Climate fiction often comes off as clunky and didactic, or else so subtle about climate that the books serve as mere climate teasers.

Meet Mr. Eternity

Aaron Thier, author of Mr. Eternity. (credit Boston Globe)

How very glad I am that I heard about Aaron Thier’s book, Mr. Eternity. It is brilliant, hilarious, deeply moving, and has climate all over it in the most artful way you can imagine.

To do this Aaron created a character who lives over a 1000 years period traveling around. Five narrators in five different time periods from the  year 1500 to 2500 encounter this traveler. Climate change is at the heart of the book as we see so many changes happening throughout–physical, social, and political changes.

Hear Aaron speak about climate storytelling

I sat down with Aaron for an interview and can now share it with you. He generously read for me large portions of the book. I think you will find it a moving experience.

You can listen to Ep 10 of Citizens’ Climate Radio n iTunesStitcher RadioPodbean, and now on Northern Spirit Radio, or just click the link below.


Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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