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Change is not always bad

Dr. Kathy Straub

Dr. Kathy Straub

Is All Climate Change BAD?

In our latest podcast episode I speak with Dr. Kathy Straub, an atmospheric scientist who helps sort me out when it comes to climate and weather. I ask her the question that people want to know, “Won’t climate change positively affect some parts of the world, like Maine and Siberia?” In fact, her students had just worked on this issue.

She answers this question and much more. I LOVE how forward thinking she is. That takes a special skill.

Marvin and Tristian: Trouble in Paradise?

Also in the episode Marvin Bloom has the scare of his romantic life. He suspects his partner, Tristian, is cheating on him. And in fact Tristian has fallen in love with someone, but not in any way you could ever imagine.

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Climate Stew Changes Ahead

And while we are talking about changes, expect exciting changes ahead for Climate Stew. I will produce two more episodes of our cheeky, and I hope helpful, podcast, and then I will suspend the series (I take this term from Presidential Primary politics–I’m not ending my run, just suspending it.)

Fear not! There is still great stuff ahead. I will begin a NEW podcast on a different platform. This show will launch in late June. Once I am free to do so, I will share the details. I will be sure to blog about each episode right here on our site. The new show will be a lot like Climate Stew but with a specific focus on climate action resiliency and climate change communication. Timothy Meadows may even come back from the future! Stay tuned.

You too can write for Climate Stew!

Here at Climate Stew the crew and I will continue to post blogs. In fact, we have an open call for submissions. If you want to tell some of your climate story, share a resource, or write about the intersections of justice, identity, and climate action, please submit a sample or a proposal to me.

AND we have begun to produce videos. Seems a lot of people watch videos. Here is Marvin talking about denial. I could use your help. If you like the video, please rate and share!

We are always open to your suggestions and comments. Thank you for your on-going interest in our quirky way of talking about climate.


Featured image: An Open Window by Winslow Homer, The Portland Museum of Art

Author: Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano is a quirky queer Quaker concerned about Climate Change. His website is

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  1. Marin Toscano on April 29, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    Really enjoyed this one! Great to hear from a woman scientist and educator! I agree, the best way for youth or anyone for that matter, to not be overwhelmed and depressed by the climate crisis we face is to get involved and be in action with communities that are doing something. This can spread like wildfire and it has to because we need everyone to face these challenges in ways that see them as opportunities for growth.

    • Peterson Toscano on May 3, 2016 at 4:08 pm

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
      I think we have many opportunities for community in the coming years. Hopefully people will seize these opportunities and ask bigger questions than simply, “How do we stave off a catastrophe?” Thanks for listening and commenting!!