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Here at Climate Stew we take a serious look at global warming but don’t try to scare the snot out of you. Together we are exploring our roles on a new planet.

Your host for the Climate Stew Podcast is Peterson Toscano, a quirky queer Quaker concerned about climate. With help from the Climate Stew team, Peterson provides an informed, honest, accurate, and creative approach to climate change action.

If you are concerned about global warming and want to move past feeling alarmed to a place of thoughtful action, Climate Stew is for you. While questions remain about the exact effects of climate change on various parts of the world how to exactly proceed, here at Climate Stew we see climate change as a deadly serious reality. Humans are responsible for getting us into this mess and it is our responsibility to respond with thoughtful and thorough action. That action will take many forms. There are roles for all of us on this new and changing planet. And there is still hope. We are not dead in the water yet.