Talking Climate Change in a Time of Coronavirus

The Climate Stew Crew has been busy including an appearance in Citizens Climate Radio. Host, Peterson Toscano writes about his show which covers Coronavirus & Climate Change.

Through Citizens Climate Radio, I spoke to three experts who helped me better understand and similarities and differences between the Coronavirus and climate change. How local and national government responds, the need for an engaged and active imagination, and the role of empathy come up in our conversation.

I chat with Dr. Natasha DeJarnett, the interim Associate Director of Program & Partnership Development at the National Environmental Health Association, Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, the director of the Sustainable Finance Center at the World Resources Institute, and Alice. C Hill, a senior fellow for Climate Change Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations.

In the Art House section of the program, he includes our own original radio play, Survivor Generations 2165.

Hear the show on Podbean or wherever you get your podcasts.

(Featured Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash)